Leatrop|management offers sourcing, consultancy and interim management to assist professionals, organisations and industrial companies to fill in gaps in their general management, procurement and supply chain departments.

We focus on your business challenges and offer the operational experience that your organization needs:

  • Interim management is a flexible form of executive staffing and is typically employed to drive change across organisations. Leatrop Management Solutions helps you objectively manage your critical business issues at a time when you need it most.
  • Leatrop Management Plastics has expert knowledge on the international plastics market (manufacturers, buyers and suppliers) of raw materials: virgin, off spec and recycled granules.
  • Already strong in your home country but looking for expansion and representation into the European market? This is exactly what Leatrop Management Products offers!

Hire us and realize your full potential!

Leatrop|management is your pragmatic and result-driven professional partner. You can hire us and benefit from our experience, expertise and international network to realize your full potential in the following domains:

  • sourcing and supply chain
  • market approach
  • operations and general management.

Leatrop|management also offers appealing and engaging representation services to international companies with an interest in Europe.


In general, any (industrial) organisation benefits from our management know-how and skills. In particular, Leatrop|management is extremely well placed and equiped to bring your management, procurement and supply chain department in the plastics and chemical industry to a higher level.

Conceptual view of Leatrop consultant who fills the missing puzzel

Do you need to fill a gap in your management, procurement and supply chain department? Contact us today!